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Interact with your application during development

Develop your XAML and define your layout, you will see the fastest preview of it ever! Interact with your designed application, see what it looks like if you press some Buttons, Checkbox, and other Controls.

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Instant Feedback

A rapid performance is giving you instant feedback, you do not have to start your application to see "if it looks correct" - you see it at the moment you are writing your XAML.

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Design your DataContext

Organize your DataContext during your application development. Create your Bindings, change the DataContext to see how your application will react.

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The best designer for WPF Development.

See what you are doing

No need for comile, and start your application for each little change you will make.


Design your DataContext, either with our Editor and create your instances like you want, or directly call a user-defined function to create a real DataContext - it depends on you!

UI Kit

Perfect alignment of your layout - during design Time. You can interact with your Visual Tree and see how complex it will become with your DataContext.


Works with standard controls, third party vendors and even custom controls!

Clean Code

Share your Design-DataContext with your team mates. Design it once, run it on every development machine.


You get perfect support if something is not working as you would expect it.


Install FastWPF today, and give it a try.
Requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or 2019

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Currently for free

We are currently in our preview phase - Free usage until final release

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